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 by Tim Collins

Although I am not one that normally writes about my experience, with online companies, I, however, in this case, wanted other customers to know about my “Firsthand experience” with Got All Auto Parts

Kevin, thank you so much for taking the time out when I called you about my 2006 H3 transmission issues. I appreciate the time you spent explaining to me what the diagnostic code meant. I realized that your company has other customers to deal with, however, you patiently took time from your company, to help me.

With that said, I am very grateful, to have experienced the professionalism and knowledge that you provided to me. I truly laud your performance in every facet of life, and I wish your company the best, as you forge forward to success in 2019.

In addition, I have informed my Military friends and Civilian friends about my experience with, “Got All Auto Parts.” Therefore, congratulations on a job well done! You have been a dedicated and appreciated support team player for “Got All Auto Parts.”

I heartily wish that you forge towards success and the glory comes to you as a prize. So, I wish all of you, at Go All Auto Parts, “Godspeed” and once again, “Congratulations Kevin,” for being a wonderful team player, at Got All Auto Parts.

 by Very Satisfied customer!

Received today.  Works perfectly!  Thank you so much for a great deal and prompt shipment!  If I need anything else or a buddy needs parts, we won't hesitate to check with you again.

 by Leslie Risley

I am writing today to say if ever, and I mean ever, Got All Auto Parts needs a spokesperson for the amount of effort, time, and information that you guys showed me in assisting with the installation problems I was having with my transmission.  You guys went the mile for me, when I thought the issue I had was an internal problem.  Your technical support people, explained everything to me in a language I could understand, called my installer and the dealer, went step by step through everything I should do to make sure this transmission didn’t have to come out again.  Let me say this” after all that effort on myself and Got all Auto parts, that everything I was asked to do, I did, and my transmission is working great!!.... I will be a spokesperson for you guys and tell anyone and everyone willing to listen that you guys are honest, competent, and stand behind even more then you should have to.   Anyone willing to listen to an honest review from a real person can call me because this is my testimony.

I have my own business and depend on this truck.  Thankful to say I am back making money with it again.  Thanks to all.



Leslie Risley

Hunter, New York

 by Harold

Kevin received transmission today about 2 o'clock mon. Dec. 11th. Want too wish you and your's a blessed Merry Christmas and prayers that we all might have a Heaven sent New Year. What a great and mighty God we all have that wants and needs his precision Word,strength,love,mercy, and no end again. Tell Jeff Also Merry Christmas and blessed New Year,Andy, the Lady that answers the phone All that work their, God Bless you all and thanks for every- thing. My brother now has a Transmission. Love you all

 by Dale Hutchins


As planned, I drove from my house last Sunday to Eureka CA towing a car trailer for the purpose of loading my wife's Explorer on to the trailer and then trailering it home for Monroe Transmissions in New Castle CA to see if they could figure out what was wrong. When I picked-up my wife's rig, I was told by Antich Automotive that they really don't work on transmissions and they get their transmissions from Jasper and if there is a problem, they just put another one in and call it good.

I put my wife's rig on the trailer and hauled it home last Sunday as planned. I took it to Munroe Transmission as planned and left it with them. Early this afternoon, I received a call from Monroe Transmission and was told the following;

The transmission was throwing a bunch of codes, the shift linkage (vehicle to transmission) needed adjustment, and the transmission was 2.5 qts low on fluid. Munroe Transmission cleaned all the electrical connections, adjusted the linkage, added 2.5 qts of fluid and made sure everything else was hooked-up correctly.

Guess what happened after all that, the transmission worked perfectly, the codes went away, and my wife told me that her vehicle drives better than it ever has! If she is happy, I am happy. I was charged an additional $206.00 for the work done at Monroe Transmission. Obviously, this is not any fault of Powertrain Pros. Your transmission is working as you said it was, and I learned a valuable lesson, transmissions need to be done at a TRANSMISSION SHOP! Munroe Transmission agreed that it was propper to trailer the vehicle to their shop....

Thank You Kevin for putting up with me. In the future, I would recommend your products, and will give good advice to those in need in regard to where to have the work done.

Respectfully, Dale Hutchins

 by D. Lynch Jr

WOW!! Incredible!!  Thanks a BUNCH!!  The place that sent me the incorrect tranny, once it shipped took 8 days to get here!  Then it took 8 days to return it!  Then they had to reimburse the other one so they could reimburse me so I could buy the correct tranny from YOU!!  You guys are a lot faster+just plain better than Rock Auto!!!  And the transmission will most likely be better quality too!  And I will sing your praises to everyone that asks me about my truck, which has been a lot of people lately!  Because it all started (Feb. 2015, $2,200.00) with Bristol's best transmission shop rebuilding it 8 times (7 times on warranty)+it blowing up a 9th time.  I'm glad I made the right choice to go with you..  Thanks for your help Pat!!

 by Dale Hutchins


Thank you so much for your help with making this happen. If you ever get out to Northern CA, look me up!

Respectfully, Dale Hutchins

 by Ricky Dupree

Hey Kevin, this camaro transmission works great.  Just wanted to thank you all.  I will be ordering more from you guys.  Thanks


Good Morning Amber,

Wow that was fast I wasn’t expecting it till next week I’m glad you guys were able to find and replace the issue and I’m definitely amazed and appreciative that you guys covered the cost of shipping thanks for that. I will definitely be talking about the company and telling my other mechanic people to buy from you. THANKS A LOT again.

 by Lindie Rezin

Hi there i want to take the time to say thank you for everything our transmissions works GREAT thanks for working with me can you do me one more favor can you mail me a copy of my paper work on transmission my mechanic kept it and after two months later when he finanaly put the tran in he said he lost it thanks again i like to put it with the paper work for the truck

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